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Orthopedic belt Orthoteh - Compare and choose

Did you know that back pain can be sudden, acute (one that you’ve had lately), or chronic, lasting more than 12 weeks?

The spinal column is the support of our body. An extremely complex system of a special double S-shape, 24 vertebrae covering the spinal cord and keeping together all functional parts of the human body. The intervertebral discs function as shock absorbers and absorb the force of every movement of the body. The discs, all the ligaments, and muscles around the spine make up an extremely complex system that is unfortunately susceptible to injury.

We at Orthoteh have created a series of orthopedic belts, and we divided them into several groups. Our orthopedic belts are made out of breathable, hypoallergenic elastic material. Their construction is designed to be as lightweight as possible and also comfortable to wear under everyday clothing.

Orthoteh orthopedic belts are most effective when targeting the condition that they are intended for and when used correctly, including choosing the correct size.


*Follow the color under each knee brace model

Ортопедични колани | ОРТОТЕХ Помощник | Колан за кръст Лайт Еластик

Light Elastic

Ортопедични колани | ОРТОТЕХ Помощник | Колан за кръст Комфорт


Ортопедични колани | ОРТОТЕХ Помощник | Колан за кръст Стандарт


Ортопедични колани | ОРТОТЕХ Помощник | Колан за кръст Лайт Еластик

Standard Anatomic

Ортопедични колани | ОРТОТЕХ Помощник | Колан за кръст Екстра


Ортопедични колани | ОРТОТЕХ Помощник | Колан за кръст Екстра Макс

Extra Max

Ортопедични колани | ОРТОТЕХ Помощник | Колан за кръст Екстра Хесинг

Extra Hessing

Level of stabilization (fixation)
Banel number
2 pairs (polymer)
3 (metal)
4 (metal)
4 pairs (polymer)
6 (metal)
6 (metal)
6 (metal)
Pain related to work posture or overwork
Disc pathologies in the lumbar region (in the lower back)
Disc pathologies in the thoracic (chest) department
Degenerative changes of the intervertebral discs
Pain due to osteoporotic changes
Muscle injuries and strains in the area
After surgical treatment in the lumbar region
After surgical treatment in the thoracic region
Muscle weakness in the spine
Suitable for sports
Suitable for people who spend more time in a sitting position or with a larger abdominal wall
Suitable for men and women
47 BGN
86 BGN
95 BGN
123 BGN
116 BGN
148 BGN
155 BGN

Orthopedic belts for the abdominal and chest wall


*Follow the color below each belt pattern

Колан за след раждане | Колан коремна/гръдна стена | ОРТОТЕХ 05

Chest Abdominal

Колан за кръст | Колан коремна/гръдна стена плюс | ОРТОТЕХ 05

Abdominal Wall Plus

Колан за кръст | Гръден пояс | ОРТОТЕХ 05

Chest Brace

Колан за кръст | Колан коремна херния | ОРТОТЕХ 05

Abdominal Hernia Brace

Колан за кръст | Пояс Стандарт Мама | ОРТОТЕХ 06

Standard Momm

Banel number
2 polymer
4 metal
2 polymer
4 couples
After cesarean or natural birth
After surgical treatment in the abdominal area
Childbirth or post-operative with back pain
After chest surgery/open heart surgery
After removal of abdominal hernia
Abdominal hernia presence
During pregnancy
70 BGN
70 BGN
68 BGN
70 BGN
125 BGN

Lumbofix and Dorsofix orthopedic belts


*Follow the color below each belt pattern

Колан за кръст | Лумбофикс | ОРТОТЕХ 05


Колан за кръст | Дорзофикс | ОРТОТЕХ 05


Level of stabilization (fixation)
Banel number
8 stable metal panels (36 cm high)
1 metal and 1 polymer pellet, 6 metal panels
Lumbar disc herniations
Disc herniations in the thoracic region
Crushed vertebrae or lumbar fractures
Crushed vertebrae or fractures in the thoracic region
Severe radiculitis
Spondylolisthesis and Spondyloarthrosis
Scheuermann-Mau disease
240 BGN
290 BGN

Always choose the correct belt size by following the instructions for each specific model

! If the specified sizes do not match with yours, you can order a product in individual sizes, more information on phone: +359 897 933 981

Stabilization level system

The stabilization system represents the level of tightening hence the restriction of movement.

Our products are organized into five main groups, distinguished by the degree of stabilization that each of them can offer. This also applies to orthopedic belts. The Orthoteh system is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest level and 5 being the highest level of stabilization.