Gait analysis

Orthoteh, in collaboration with the German company SCHEIN, gives you the opportunity to provide even deeper and more complex care to your patients.
Анализ на походката | ОРТОТЕХ
Where can I made my Gait analysis?
  • Orthocentre 1 – Sofia, 1 Konstantin Irechek Street

Duration: 15-20 min.

*No appointment is required

What we can use the “Gait Analysis” data for:

Determining the overloaded areas of the foot and designing custom insoles through a specific process

Condition assessment, therapy planning and / or evaluation of therapy.

The characteristics of the gait can signify underlying problems – flatfoot, muscle imbalance, limb shortening, paresis, etc.

This method is used extremely frequently for evaluating and improving running capabilities of both professional and amateur athletes

We offer a system for detailed gait analysis which includes:

  • A sensor track to analyse the gait when resting, walking and running
  • Two digital cameras with synchronised recording
  • Software for analysing the collected data

The data can be sent over email