Compression socks

Frequently asked question

Determining the right size is extremely important for the proper conduct of therapy. Familiarize yourself and carefully follow the attached foot measurement tables for each product. It is recommended to take the measurement in the morning immediately after getting out of bed, when the legs are rested and there is no swelling and swelling.

Travel socks and those of the 140 DEN series have a preventive character and light compression. They can be used without specific medical advice.
Compression socks of the 1st and 2nd compression are selected / appointed by a doctor who assesses the level of compression.

DEN is a measure of the density of a textile thread in grams. For a standard length of 9000 meters, for example, 140 DEN means that 9000 linear meters of thread weigh 140 g. It has nothing to do with the compression level.

Albert Andre socks are universal.