Terms of Delivery

Тhank you for choosing Orthoteh!

Dear customers, the orders that are made after 16:00 are processed on the next workday.
The orders that are made on weekends and public holidays are processed on the first workday.

After we process your order you will receive a notification by e-mail that your shipment has been sent to the specified address.

Working hours: Mon. – Fri.: 08:30 – 17:00, Sat. – Sun.: day off

Phone: +359 877 73 23 09

You can place an order only on the territory of Bulgaria. We have partners with many European countries. We have partners with many European countries, such as Denmark, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Lithuania, Croatia and Spain. At the email address office@ortoteh-bg.com you can get information on how to find our product in these countries.

The shipping of your order is done via the courier company “Econt” to an address specified by you or to your preferred office branch of the courier.

The price for deliveries of shipments up to BGN 100 is:

  • BGN 5.00 for delivery to Office / Econtomat
  • BGN 6.50 for delivery to Address

For orders over BGN 100, shipping is FREE.

Delivery is done within 1 to 3 working days from the date of acceptance of the order. After the order has been transferred to Econt it is delivered according to Econt’s conditions:

  • For destinations with an Econt office – on the workday after dispatch;
  • For destinations without an Econt office – according to the service schedule up to 3 workdays after dispatch;
  • From an Ekontomat – from 1 to 2 workdays, depending on the exact time of dispatch.

As mentioned above, the deliveries are done by Econt, according to their terms of delivery, within work hours.

You can specify a priority delivery time, which costs an additional 2.44 BGN (with VAT) according to the tariff of the courier company.

Each of our shipments is sent with an INSPECTION option, please take advantage of it and inspect your order IN FRONT OF THE COURIER OR AT THE ECONT OFFICE. Missing or mistaken items in your order, which have not been registered with a Courier or at an Econt office, will not be reimbursed!

When ordering more than 1 item You can not accept from the courier only part of the shipment. You can only refuse the whole shipment.

When cancelling an order which has already been dispatched, you are liable for the shipping fees owed to the courier company in both directions.

The customer is obliged to release his or her shipment within 7 days of its arrival at the office of Econt. If the order has not been picked up from the courier’s office within 7 days, every additional day is charged at a rate of 4.85 BGN per day (incl. VAT) according to the tariff of the courier company. If the customer wishes to keep an order at the courier’s office for more than 7 days s/he must alert the courier company in writing.

We send your products undamaged, in commercial form and content, to be usable right away! If you have any doubts about accepting the products, please contact us immediately and make a complaint to the courier who delivers your order.

According to the conditions of Econt, notifications for a received shipment via text message cost an additional 0.18 BGN with VAT. All shipments sent to an Econt office MUST include a text message notification. When the delivery is to a customer’s address, the customer is allowed to choose whether to include this feature or not.


In case of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to deliver your products within a different period than the specified one and you will be informed in a timely manner.