Orthoteh also offers static examination which is done using a sensor platform
Плантография | Плантографско изследване | ОРТОТЕХ
Where can I have a plantography performed?
  • Orthocentre 1, Sofia, 1 Konstantin Irechek Street
  • Orthocentre Gorna Banya, Sofia, 56 Nikola Petkov Boulevard, SHAT in ORTHOPEDICS “Prof. Boycho Boychev”
  • Orthocentre Plovdiv, 102 Vasil Aprilov Boulevard
  • Orthocentre Pleven, 39 Ruse Boulevard

Ducation: 10 min.

*No appointment is required

What is plantography?

Plantography is a static examination which generates an image of the feet while resting through the use of a sensor platform. It is a diagnostic method for evaluation and monitoring of foot deformities

Special software analyses the gathered data, determines the most overloaded areas of the foot and locates any changes

The examination detects the presence of flatfoot or undesirable changes in the height of the arches

This technology allows for a precise and individual diagnosis of the condition of your foot

Based on the gathered data our specialists can offer you custom orthopaedic insoles according to your individual needs 

The gathered data can be sent via email