About Orthoteh

How it all started…

As a young doctor, a paediatric orthopaedist, Dr. Yovko Gyurov worked at the University Clinic of Traumatology and Orthopaedics in Gorna Banya. At that time he observed that children in Bulgaria did not have the necessary orthopaedic means for postoperative recovery!


The story of Orthoteh began in 1998, when Dr. Gyurov, our founder, started with the production of rotators – orthopaedic devices for young children which aid in making gait control easier. In addition to rotators, development began for devices which help treat dislocation of the hip joints. In 1999 he created the first custom insoles, using silicone elastomer typically used for baby pacifiers.

First steps

Taking his own path, Dr. Gyurov expanded his product portfolio. The development of silicone heels, individual orthoses and insteps began. Interest in the products was growing, which led to the need to open his own store. This quickly became a fact as Orthoteh’s first site opened at the orthopaedics centre in Gorna Banya. Products for hallux valgus were added – toe separators, insoles for transverse arch.

A new direction of development

The successful development and desire for progress led to a search for new horizons, and thus the beginning of a new partnership. On May 15, 2004 Orthoteh Ltd. was registered and soon after that it was time to expand. A total of 8 stores opened throughout the country – two in Sofia, two in Stara Zagora, and one in Vratsa, Ruse, Plovdiv and Pleven. Dr. Gyurov attended numerous exhibitions where he continued to gain experience, observing the world leaders in the field of orthopaedics.

International partners

Orthoteh started a partnership with the best professionals in the industry. Orthopaedic products of brands such as Push, Prim and Orfit entered the Bulgarian market, thanks to us.

Ортопедични продукти Push Лого | ОРТОТЕХ
A change of strategy

Due to differences in the vision for the development of the company, Dr. Gyurov parted ways with his partners at the time and began to manage Orthoteh independently.

In cooperation with the Swiss Clinical Foundation and its representatives, the tennis player Manuela Maleeva and Dr. Bruno Franie, a workshop centre for examinations and production of custom orthoses was established in Stara Zagora. There, Bulgarian specialists were trained by Swiss technicians to provide the best in the care for children with motor disabilities.

Orthocentre 1

In 2012 he opened the largest and most successful site of Orthoteh, namely Orthocentre. It combines all the products and services we can offer on the market – standard orthopaedic products, computer diagnostics and gait analysis, as well as production of custom orthopaedic insoles and orthoses.

European projects

Two successful European projects were added to the company’s portfolio – in 2013 and 2016. Orthoteh managed to introduce new technologies, increasing its capacity for production and innovation, which turned the company into the largest Bulgarian manufacturer of orthopaedic medical devices.

Redesign and variety

New digital technologies and increased customer expectations led to changes. The design and vision of over 60 products from the Orthoteh portfolio was modernized. Over 40 new products were also designed, relying on new suppliers and quality materials from all over Europe. Product changes also required a complete communication rethinking. The design of the packaging and advertising materials of over 50 products was updated in order to meet the same high standards as the products themselves.

3D Contour

With the search for new solutions, the first sub-brand of Orthoteh was created – the 3D Contour series. It covers the design and production of custom insoles, slippers and sandals using a new technology – a digital 3D image of the foot. Thanks to this technology, the foot scan of the client and the digital project are preserved. This allows orders to be repeatedly produced with the same quality of workmanship, but in a shorter time.

Social networks and communication

In 2019, Orthoteh systematically entered and began communicating in social networks and over the internet. This allows us to monitor the needs and interests of our patients even more closely so that we can offer solutions quickly. We inform our followers daily about promotions, articles, participation in projects and events.

The challenges of 2020

In 2020 we once again took advantage of our capacity for innovation and reacted to the changing situation quickly, producing personal protective equipment (helmets, masks and clothing) for the Bulgarian market. We managed to provide protective equipment for the Municipality of Burgas, the Centre for Emergency Medical Aid – Sofia, the Ministry of Interior Ruse, MHAT Karnobat, First Private MHAT Vratsa, Hospital “St. Anna” – Sofia and others.


Nowadays Orthoteh serves clients and patients from all over Bulgaria, while also expanding its international markets through successful partnerships in Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland. We continue to supplement our product portfolio in the name of better human health and comfort.

A business is as big, as the idea and soul put into it. As the people you work with. As the satisfaction of your customers.
Dr. Yovko Gyurov