3D Contour Custom Orthopedic insoles

Made by 3D scanning of the feet
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What is 3D Contour and what are the advantages of the technology?

3D Contour is a line of custom orthopaedic insoles which relies on digital technology for the consultation, design and production. The 3D visualisation of the scanned feet illustrates the individual needs of each patient.

The digital process allows for a rapid transfer of information, increasing the precision of the design and production of every detail. This line offers different models of insoles uniquely designed according to the patient’s individual needs.

Easy to order subsequent pairs of insoles

Another advantage of this line is that the digital project of every patient’s insoles is saved. Under certain conditions, it can be used to remotely order and deliver a subsequent pair.

Custom Orthopedic Insoles

  • Good softening effect
  • Good durability under loads
  • Aid in cases of foot, ankle and knee complaints
Comfort Basic
  • Excellent softening effect
  • Suitable for minor cases of flatfoot and mild loads
  • Isolate painful areas of the feet
Soft Basic
  • Moderate softening effect
  • High load resistance
  • Suitable for corrections of limb length differences
    or heel position
Max Basic
  • Excellent softening effect
  • Suitable for sports and everyday use
  • Especially suitable to support of the longitudinal
    and transverse arch
Premium Duo
  • Additional antibacterial softening top layer
  • Suitable for diabetic patients
  • Suitable for minor cases of flatfoot and mild loads
Premium Duo Diabetes
  • Maximum softening effect
  • High load resistance
  • Stabilises the arch, heel and ankle
Sport Trio

Process and steps of construction?

1. Examination and scanning

• Scan of the right foot
• Scan of the left foot
• The insoles model is chosen according
to the medical indications, the characteristics
of the feet and the type of shoes
• Sending over e-mail the production order together with the scanned feet

Ортопедични стелки | Преглед и сканиране | ОРТОТЕХ
2. Design

• The images of the scanned feet are processed
• A virtual image of the insoles is produced and the prescribed corrections and additions are applied

Ортопедични стелки | Проектиране | ОРТОТЕХ
3. Milling

• The suitable material for the model is prepared
• The insoles are manufactured with a milling machine

Ортопедични стелки | Фрезоване | ОРТОТЕХ
4. Finish

• The selected surface is applied
• The details are finished by hand
• The insoles are packed and shipped

Ортопедични стелки | Финиширане | ОРТОТЕХ

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Equipment provided by Ortotech?
  1. 3D Scanner
  2. Easy to use foot visualization software
  3. Training and follow-up consultations
  4. A template for fast and accurate prescriptions of 3D Contour insoles
  5. Samples of the different insole models
You also need:

A laptop or computer running Windows 8 or 10

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