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Compression socks - Guidelines

Compression stockings are textiles with a therapeutic effect. A medical product that is prescribed after consultation with a doctor, most often a vascular specialist. The compression level is measured in millimeters of mercury (“mmHg”). It is a unit of measure with which we also assess blood pressure. You should always refer to your treating physician when choosing the product with the correct level of compression.

The term “elastic compression socks” means that they apply a higher level of pressure on the ankle that gradually decreases towards the thigh. Progressive pressure ensures that blood flows upward to the heart by relieving the main veins and the lateral superficial veins in the lower body.

For compression stockings, there is no uniform standard for the level of compression. It is determined by the manufacturer based on laboratory tests.

Part of the indications for use are:

Varicose veins
After thrombophlebitis
Chronic venous insufficiency
Feet swelling at the end of the day
During pregnancy

Albert Andre compression socks

*Follow the color for each product’s features

Помощник за пазаруване | Къси компресивни чорапи Ортотех

3/4 socks

Помощник за пазаруване | Дълги компресивни чорапи Ортотех

7/8 socks

Помощник за пазаруване | Компресивен чорапогащник Ортотех


1st compression (18-21 mmHg)
2nd compression (23-32 mmHg)

*Product by prescription

140 DEN – Preventive compression (8-18 mmHg)
Antithrombotic (8-24 mmHg)

*Product by prescription

Travel socks (18-24 mmHg)
Special product for pregnant women

Black, beige

Black, beige (white for antithrombotic)

Black, beige, brown and grey

What does 140 DEN mean?

DEN is a measure of the density of the textile thread in grams. For example, 9000 meters of standardized length of 140 DEN means that 9000 linear meters of the thread weighs 140 g. It has nothing to do with the level of compression and only relates to the thread density. The higher this indicator, the denser and stronger the products.

140 DEN products are suitable for everyday wear due to their lighter compression.

Suitable for:

Relief for tired feet
Swelling relief
Suitable for travel
For desk workers
In people working for a long time standing
In pregnant women

Помощник за пазаруване | Компресивни чорапи | ОРТОТЕХ 2

How do I determine my size?

Determining the correct size is extremely important for conducting the treatment accurately. Please read and carefully follow the attached foot measurement charts for each product. It is recommended to measure in the morning immediately after getting out of bed when the legs are rested and there is no edema and swelling. Most often, the socks, given that they are preventative, can be worn throughout the day, but a break must be taken in the morning and evening. Be careful not to damage the structure of the sock while putting on, when wearing sharp hand jewelry. Albert Andre socks and tights from the 140 DEN series do not need an additional glove to put on.

Къси компрсивни чорапи Albert Andre пиктограма размери

What length compression sock should I choose?

The length of the compression product depends on the problem areas. It is good to keep in mind that you will need a product at least 2-5 centimeters higher than the problem area. The benefit of tights is that they won’t ride down and can be worn with a skirt or dress. Short socks are more suitable if you will mostly wear them with trousers. Long stockings, on the other hand, are chosen by women who prefer to not cover their stomachs. Short socks are also suitable for men.

140 DEN Albert Andre Maternity Tights

In our stores, we offer an innovative product specially created for pregnant women. The 140 DEN Maternity Tights are available in light compression from 8 to 18 mmHg. The higher level of compression (18 mmHg) is exercised on the ankle, and gradually decreases up the leg to the inguinal crease, where the compression is 8 mmHg. A special cut in the abdomen allows comfort without constricting it. Available in black and beige color. It relieves tired legs and is very pleasant to the skin.

Contraindications and what to be careful about?

Some contraindications should also be considered when wearing compression stockings. These are the following states:

Severe heart failure
Disturbances in the arterial blood circulation of the lower limbs or surgical treatment of the lower limbs is an absolute contraindication for compression therapy.
Venous thrombosis in the acute period
Secreting wounds, severe cellulitis or dermatitis
Allergy to the textile or some of its constituent fabrics
Edema of the lower extremities of cardiac origin
Diabetes with complications on the lower limbs

Look out for:

Pain while wearing
You still suffer from swelling while wearing them
They gather behind the knees

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