Push Ortho Thumb Brace CMC

• Stabilises the basal joint of the thumb
• Free wrist movement
• Aluminium core allows individual adjustment
• Waterproof

Размери на яки - пиктограма | ОРТОТЕХ
How to choose a size?

The circumference of the palm is measured.

1 - 17.5-19.5cm
2 - 19.5-22.5сm
3 - 22.5-27сm

135,00BGN VAT incl.

• CMC–1 osteoarthritis
• Postoperatively after arthroplasty of the CMC–1 joint
• Instability of the CMC–1 joint

The Push CMC stabilises the joint of the thumb (CMC-1) and places the thumb in a functional position. This guarantees optimal hand function and reduces such symptoms as pain and loss of strength. The materials and rounded edges contribute to maximum comfort, the simple closing system enabling patients to fit the brace themselves without any effort. The product is antimicrobial, can be used in water, and can be dried easily

The product is cleaned manually with a water temperature of 30C°. Do not apply bleach! Allow to dry at room temperature without applying a direct heat source. Do not put in the dryer.

You can measure your other, healthy, arm and add 1-2 cm in case of swelling.

The orthosis is used according to the doctor's prescription or the patient's rehabilitation plan.