Clavicle Brace Fix

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• Stable fixation of the clavicle area
• Comfortable construction in the axillary area
• Soft and immobile back plate
• Breathable, stable, and antibacterial material with soft padding
• Universal Size

Stabilisation level

Интро размери на пателабрейс - пиктограма | ОРТОТЕХ
How to choose a size?

Universal size. Excess length could be cut.

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• Clavicle fractures
• Sternoclavicular or acromyoclavicular joint distortion
• Rigid kyphosis

The Clavicle Brace Fix of “Orthoteh” secures the position of the collarbones, reducing pain from fractures. It should be put in place by the doctor who takes the control x-ray image. The shoulder straps are non-elastic, thin, and comfortable with extra padding for the armpit area. The construction is stable and immobile, and is made of breathable antibacterial fabric.

The Clavicle Brace from Orthoteh is not a suitable for back and posture straightening!

1. Place the Clavicle Brace Fix onto the back so the straps go freely over the shoulders. The circular pad with the two buckles is placed between the shoulder blades. Determine what strap length is needed for the corrections and how much should be cut off.
2. Cut the excess length off using scissors. Be mindful of leaving the finishing seam at the end of the strap intact.
3. Slip the straps consecutively through the buckles and after stretching them, set them in place using the adjustable Velcro pads. The appropriate tension and position should be determined by your doctor.

Before washing stick the Velcro elements against one another. Remove the two metal stays. The product should be washed manually at 30°C. Do not use bleach! Drying gently without twisting the product with force will increase its life span. It’s recommended that the product dries at room temperature without a direct heat source. Do not tumble dry!

It is not recommended to sleep with it. At night the muscles should rest.

It is not recommended to use it for a whole day. Excessive use leads to muscle laziness. It is recommended that you use it in combination with appropriate exercises for the back muscles.

It is not good to overdo it – up to 3-4 hours a day.