Why wear orthopedic shoes?


Taking care of our lower limbs, especially our feet is a key factor for our well-being. Deformations in our foot are not rare; this is why we should pay attention while choosing our shoes besides that, they are an essential factor for the comfort and health of our feet. It has happened to everyone to choose shoes that they like in appearance, but which turned out to be too uncomfortable and even causing serious problems.

Neglecting the way we walk and strain our foot on top of that, we risk getting some problems such as Hallux valgus, Plantar fasciitis, Spur calcaneus, etc…

A major part of the deformity of the feet could result from incorrectly selected shoe size

  • When the shoe is too wide, the foot slides inside it, therefore the toes contract reflexively. As a result, it strains the muscles of the foot and the lower leg, which leads to a certain fatigue and pain
  • When the shoe is too narrow, it can reason a deformation mainly in the area of the toes. A complete compression on the foot disturbs blood flow and can cause pain and swelling in the lower limbs

Advantages of the orthopedic shoes

Orthopedic shoes were especially created to relieve and prevent different problems in the feet and lower limbs.

7 Advantages of the orthopedic shoes offered by Orthoteh:

  1. Convenient size to the width of the foot – orthopedic shoes are chosen according to the individual width of the foot. An excellent choice when you need orthopedic shoes for wide feet.
  2. Very suitable for placing an custom insole – orthopedic shoes have additional depth for placing an custom insole, which has all the individual adjustments to the needs of the patient.
  3. Rounded instead of pointed form of the front part of the shoe, which provides a sufficient space for the toes.
  4. Breathable inner material of the sneakers – suitable for people with skin problems. Does not allow additional friction in the skin.
  5. Sport models allowing people with various feet deformations to lead an active and full life.
  6. Diverse set of designs suitable for every taste and season. Our catalog includes orthopedic slippers, orthopedic sandals, sneakers and classic orthopedic shoes
  7. High quality workmanship and durable materials.

The orthopedic shoes provide the needed comfort to everyone having problems with their feet. They allow patients to use their orthopedic soles without having to take a compromise with the size of the following shoe. They are suitable for people with problems, but also for people wanting to prevent them.

 Wearing this type of shoes is recommended for:

  • People who need comfortable shoes in their daily routine
  • People with wider feet, thick toes or overweight
  • People suffering from swelling and heaviness in the legs
  • People needing orthopedic insoles and shoes in which they can place their own custom insoles
  • People suffering from Hallux valgus and other deformations
  • Pregnant women
  • People who work in a standing position
  • People with diabetes