Why are shoes important? How to choose comfortable shoes?


Why are shoes important?

The connecting element between our walking body and the surface that we walk on are the shoes. During our day, we mostly wear shoes. With each step we make, our feet gets loaded with our weight that grows when we move or run. The terrain that we walk or run on has a big importance also. The detail that connects our weight with the features of the terrain are the shoes. They gain even more importance when we talk about the duration of the walk.

Shoes even gain a bigger importance when we get older, the traumas or the diseases of other organs such as diabetes, joint wear, varicose veins, etc…

Shoes are important from the early ages, but become even more important after the age of 15 to 20. This is due to the increased amount of work, weight gain, the already mentioned diseases that grow on number during the years.

Important characteristics for the shoes:

A sufficient width of the front part of the shoe
A sufficient height of the front part of the shoe, also known as the “bombe”
A thickness and elasticity of the sole
A width in the middle of the sole
A strength of the back of the shoe covering the heel – the fort of the shoe
The height of the heel
If the original sole of the shoe thick enough?

Different types of shoes are suitable for various activities, types of feet or problems.

Multiple series of shoes offering not only sizes in length, but also in of width and volume exist. There are models for different feet such as long and narrow ones and wider in the front part feet. Shoe models for extra thick and volumetric feet.

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