Splint for ankle stabilisation (ECO 3.2)

SKU: 70832

• Limits pro-supination
• Comfortably stabilises the region
• Adjustable tightening

The product is made individually after consultation and cannot be ordered through the online store.

See where you can have made an individual splint here

125,00BGN VAT incl.

• Talocrural joint distortions
• Stable non-dislocated malleoli fractures
• Post-operative treatment

The splint can have made of different materials:
• Splint for ankle stabilisation /ECO 3,2/ – BGN 125
• Splint for ankle stabilisation/Brace/ – BGN 146лв

Yes, in most cases it is even mandatory.

You can remove your splint when your doctor allows it or when it needs to be cleaned.

With a piece of cotton soaked in medical alcohol. For a more detailed description, see our article.