Peroneal Brace Standard

• Prevents steppage gait
• Low-profile elastic construction
• Additional padding of the fastening straps

Stabilisation level

The size is determined by the size of the shoe. Model different for left and right.

S - No 34-37
M - No 38-41
L - No 42-45

110,00BGN VAT incl.

• Peroneal nerve palsy

The Peroneal Brace Standard of “Orthoteh” positions the footstably. Thanks to this it prevents steppage gait. The construction is durable and has a low-profile, small-volume design. This allows it to be used with everyday shoes. The straps have a comfortable padding.

1. Place the foot as far back as possible, to fix the heel in the correct position.
2. Fasten the Velcro strap on the shank while keeping pressure on the ankle to hold the heel in place.
3. Fix the Velcro strap on the ankle in place.
4. If necessary, cut off the excess part around the toes of the plastic construction.

The plastic construction is cleaned with a soft cloth and a non-aggressive hand sanitizer.

The ankle brace can be worn with a wider shoe, as it takes up extra space within the shoe.

You can play sports with an ankle brace as long as this is appropriate for your specific case.