Multifunctional pillow with memory foam Flex – Qmed

  • Perfect for the head, back, or tired legs
  • Useful for travel, home and office
  • Helpful in the rehabilitation of the lower limbs and the spine
  • Thermoplastic

Size: 10cm x 63.5cm

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  • Mild pain in the lumbosacral region associated with the failure to maintain the body properly while sitting
  • Indications for relieving the spine while sitting

A multifunctional memory foam pillow with an articulating linkage inside, easily forms and comfortably supports your head, back and legs. Relieves the lumbar-sacral ligaments and neck. Alleviates back pain, and headache and ensures a comfortable position during rest. External velour removable cover.

Pillow: 85% PU, 15% polypropylene
Pillowcase: 100% polyester

Memory foam is not washable. The outer cover is removable and can be washed up to 30 ° C / 86 ° F. Open the package and leave the pillow to air before using it.