Push CARE Back Brace

• Reduces pain by stabilizing the area
• Insert with h zones relaxes muscles
• It is removable and the pressure is regulated
• Comfortable in a straight and sitting position
• Fits perfectly and is invisible under clothes

How to choose a size?

Waist circumference is measured.

1 - 65-75сm
2 - 75-85сm
3 - 85-97cm
4 - 97-110сm
5 - 110-125сm
6 - 125-145сm

250,00BGN VAT incl.

• Chronic non-specific lower back complaints
• For back-straining activities (secondary prevention)
• Pseudoradicular complaints (sciatica)

Before washing stick the Velcro elements against one another. Remove the two inserts before washing. The product should be washed manually at 30°C. Do not use bleach! Drying gently without twisting the product with force will increase its life span. It’s recommended that the product dries at room temperature without a direct heat source. Do not tumble dry!

It is better to choose a larger brace. A good reference point, in addition to the waist circumference, is also the hip circumference.

The brace should be washed by hand with a light detergent. You can see the accompanying leaflet for details.

It is not recommended to sleep with a brace, at night the muscles should rest.

The stays can be further bent and shaped according to the patient's physique for greater comfort.

No. The braces we offer use metal stays.

It is not good to overdo it unless you are in the acute phase of the pain or your doctor has instructed you otherwise. It is recommended to wear it during physical activity, for long drives or activities which put pressure on the spine.