Hand Orthosis Standard II, III and IV Phalanges

• Stable immobilisation of the II, III or IV phalanx
• 1 adaptable metal plate
• 4 non-elastic, soft straps
• Light, pleasant to the touch textile

Stabilisation level

Размери на ортези за ръка - пиктограма ОРТОТЕХ
How to choose a size?

Measure the distance from the top of the longest finger to the crease of the wrist.

S - 14-17сm
M - 17-20сm
L - 20-23сm

45,00BGN VAT incl.

• Distorsions and luxations in the joints of the second, third or fourth phalanges
• Stable fractures and epiphysiolias in the region
• Postoperative treatment in the region
• Tendovaginitis in the region

The Orthoteh Hand Orthosis Standard II, III or IV phalanges provides stability and protection for the region. It contains a metal plate with a predefined anatomic shape. It can be moulded to the individual contours of the fingers, palm, and wrist. This is done by a medical specialist. The product contains four non-elastic soft straps and one buckle. Two of those are movable and can be placed in the most stable and comfortable position. They secure the construction onto the hand. The tightness is adjusted individually.

1. Hand Orthosis Standard II, III and IV Phalanges is suitable for left and right hand.
2. The metal plate can be shaped individually by the hand of a medical professional.
3. Position the orthosis so that the injured finger and its most suitable neighbor are well covered by the orthosis, with the metal plate on the palm of the hand. Fasten the inelastic straps.
4. First, pinch your fingers through the tip.
5. Second, through the middle of the fingers.
6. Third, through the palm.
7. Finish with the tape across the wrist.

Before washing stick the Velcro elements against one another. Remove the two inserts before washing. The product should be washed manually at 30°C. Do not use bleach! Drying gently without twisting the product with force will increase its life span. It’s recommended that the product dries at room temperature without a direct heat source. Do not tumble dry!

You can measure your other, healthy, arm and add 1-2 cm in case of swelling.

The orthosis is used according to the doctor's prescription or the patient's rehabilitation plan.