Custom Made Insoles 3D Contour – Sport Trio

SKU: 801304

• Individually made by 3D scanning of the feet
• Antibacterial highly resistant washable coating
• Light and shock absorbing material (EVA)
• Correct and maintain the longitudinal and transverse arch
• They can be whole and ¾ size

The product is made individually after consultation and cannot be ordered through the online store.

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223,00BGN VAT incl.

• Maximum softening effect
• High load resistance
• Stabilises the arch, heel and ankle
• Improves rebound and softens landing

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The insoles should only be worn for 2-3 hours at first, and you should increase this time gradually until the foot is completely accustomed. Over the first two weeks you may experience some discomfort.

Custom insoles can be used with different shoes, but you should bear in mind that they take up some space in the shoes and they may not feel fully comfortable with all shoes.

The insoles can be moved to different shoes, but it is recommended to wear them with the shoes that you use most often in your everyday life.

No, if the shoes are tight the original insole can be removed.

The insoles cannot lift the arch of your foot permanently, but they significantly relieve pain and discomfort. They are used to prevent deterioration. The only correction that could occur is in children.

Yes, a foot problem can affect other joints as well.

You can find a description of the cleaning methods on the packaging of your insoles.