Upper Limb Orthosis Fix

• Fixes the shoulder girdle in all planes
• Improved design for fast and simple mounting
• Lightweight design appropriate for any physical condition
• Breathable material with cotton lining

Гръден пояс Пиктограма | ОРТОТЕХ
How to choose a size?

The circumference under the chest is measured.

M - 65-95сm
L - 95-130сm

77,00BGN VAT incl.

• After shoulder luxation
• Postoperative treatment of the area
• Periarthritis humeroscapularis

The Upper Limb Orthosis Fix of “Orthoteh” provides a stable and comfortable immobilisation of the shoulder and shoulder girdle. It therefore reduces movement-induced pain. The traumatized area is allowed to rest, speeding up the healing process. Each element of the orthosis can be individually adapted for maximum comfort. The materials are carefully selected for a pleasurable feel against the skin. The main details are lined with cotton fabric. The lightweight design of the construction is appropriate for any physical condition.

1. Place and fix the girdle part at rib level. Place the arm next to the torso, bended at the elbow. Set the wristband in place.
2. Fix the strap onto the girdle band on the back and put over the traumatised shoulder.
3. Slip the strap through the buckle fixed on the wristband. Tighten as needed and set in place.
4. Fix the strap enveloping the limb above the elbow. Gently push the elbow against the girdle part. This will attach the elbow and girdle part to one another.
5. The over-elbow band has a narrow belt stitched to it. Tighten it and fix it in place onto the girdle part.

Before washing stick the Velcro elements against one another. Remove the two metal stays. The product should be washed manually at 30°C. Do not use bleach! Drying gently without twisting the product with force will increase its life span. It’s recommended that the product dries at room temperature without a direct heat source. Do not tumble dry!

It is not recommended to sleep with it. At night the muscles should rest.

It is not recommended to use it for a whole day. Excessive use leads to muscle laziness. It is recommended that you use it in combination with appropriate exercises for the back muscles.

It is not good to overdo it – up to 3-4 hours a day.