Qmed – Post Оperative shoes

• Post Operative shoe made of breathable material
• Specially designed sole puts the foot at an angle of 8 degrees, which relieves the front of the foot when walking and reduces the load
• Keeps legs in the correct position
• Model the same for left and right foot

Suitable for left and right foot. The size is determined by the number of shoes.

S - No 36-37
M - No 38-39
L - No 40-42
XL - No 43-45

79,00BGN VAT incl.

• After surgery on the front of the foot
• Soft tissue injuries in the area
• For diabetic foot
• After hallux surgery
• Stable fractures in the anterior foot

The open design in the front allows easy shoeing and air circulation. The firm heel keeps the feet in the correct position. Three velcro patches allow a comfortable fit around the individual width of the foot.

Glue the velcro elements together before washing. The product is washed by hand with a water temperature of 30 ° C. Do not apply bleach! You will increase the time for possible use if you do not squeeze hard when washing. Allow to dry at room temperature without applying a direct heat source. Do not put in the dryer.

Our standard insoles can be used with different shoes, but they will be the most comfortable when worn with a closed shoe with a flat sole. Except for products made for women's high heels.

No, if the shoes are tight the original insole can be removed.

You can find a description of the cleaning methods on the packaging of your insoles.