Memo – Lion Kids orthopedic sandals


Children’s orthopedic prophylactic sandals from the Mammal Memo series
• High sandals in a classic form of soft leather
• Sandals have a so-called diagnostic sole
• Free size replacement

The promotion is valid from 14.07 through 31.08 or while stocks last.

How to choose a size?

Measure the length of the child's foot and add 1 cm.

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Children’s orthopedic prophylactic sandals Mammal Collection series.
• High sandals in a classic shape with an open front of soft leather
• Designed to support the ankle and longitudinal arch, provide proper heel stabilization. With additional thermoplastic support on the heel
• Velcro patches on three levels allow adjustment and adjustment to different leg widths
• Sandals have a so-called diagnostic sole. Divided into 6 numbered zones, after prolonged wear, degrees of abrasion begin to appear in the individual zones. Depending on which area is worn, it is actually valuable information for the needs of foot correction. Zone 1 means that the footing is correct and the shoes have a preventive effect.
• Great choice for preschoolers
• Children’s supinators can be placed in them
• Opinions from a study confirm that Memo shoes have a positive effect on the growth, development and posture of the feet. They support the process of rehabilitation of children with functional defects, as well as prevent foot-and-mouth disease. Recommended by pediatricians in Poland as an effective method of prevention. Positive opinion from the Children’s Memorial Health Institute Warsaw.
• Model Lion is part of the Mammal collection inspired by cute animal characters, suitable for boys and girls. The original collection of children’s shoes is the work of designer Kobe Levy. The collection of orthopedic and prophylactic shoes for children is not only healthy, but also visually attractive.
• Free size replacement

Inner part: Genuine leather
Outer part: Genuine leather, smooth

When ordering orthopedic shoes, you can take advantage of a free size change.

  1. In order to make the replacement, you must first notify us of your desire on tel .: +359 897 933 981. Valid for one-time replacement.
  2. Valid for one-time replacement
  3. Not valid when returning shoes (cancellation of purchase)
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*The coupon is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase of the shoes
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Yes, you can put insteps in children's shoes.

Memo orthopedic shoes for children are suitable for the prevention of aggravation of some foot problems, such as:

• Flat feet
• Slight difference in limb length
• In need of stabilization of the ankle joint
• With a preventive nature in toddlers and young children