Chest/Abdominal Wall Brace + Albert Andrè – socks short 140 DEN Unisex

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•If there is a need to support the abdominal wall after surgical treatment and pre-therapeutic support at the first symptoms of venous insufficiency
Compression socks are not subject to return or exchange due to hygiene reasons

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Chest/Abdominal Wall Brace

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Albert Andrè - socks short 140 DEN Unisex (Pair)


Chest/Abdominal Wall Brace

• Postoperative treatment
• After birth: caesarean section or natural

The Chest/Abdominal Wall Brace of “Orthoteh” supports the whole surface of the chest or the abdominal area. The construction is made of two overlapping elastic bands. They are fixed on the front with partial overlapping for improved stability. The front height can be adjusted between 20cm and 30cm. The back part has two plastic stays built in which protect the elastic bands from folding too much. The elastic bands are made of a breathable hypoallergenic fabric. They don’t contain latex and are very durable when used according to the instructions.

Albert Andrè – socks short 140 DEN Unisex (Pair)

• Strong stimulation of veno-lymphatic circulation
• First varicose veins protection
• Relief to fatigue and swelling of the legs
• Strong relaxing massage

• Socks 140 DEN with light compression for prevention of varicose veins and support at the first symptoms of venous insufficiency
• They stimulate the venous-lymphatic circulation and blood circulation, have a massaging effect
• Albert Andrè preventive socks exert a light pressure of 14 to 18 mmHg on the ankle, gradually decreasing towards the calf
• At the first appearance of swelling and heavy weight in the legs, relieves fatigue and swelling
• Made of compression elastic knitwear in accordance with the highest quality standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
• Soft and pleasant to the touch
• Available in beige and black color
• Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
• Made in Italy

Chest/Abdominal Wall Brace

1. Place the brace at the appropriate height with the supporting stays situated symmetrically. The latter are skewed and the space between them widens towards the hips.
2. Stretch and fix the lower elastic band in place. If the product is on too tight, loosen it. If you can’t feel an elastic pressure, you should probably fix it in a tighter position.
3. Stretch and fix the upper elastic band in place. It should overlap the lower one according to the needs. Adjust the tightness.

• Ulcers and sores
• Dermatitis
• Burns
• Allergies to used materials
• In all cases when your doctor doesn’t consider the product suitable to use