Silicone Insoles

• Silicone shock absorbent construction
• Offers moderate support for the transverse and longitudinal arches
• Allows fast and easy cleaning

The size is determined by the number of the shoe.

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45,00BGN VAT incl.

• Plantar fasciitis and heel pain
• Metatarsalgia and pain in the pads of the toes
• Polyneuropathic foot pain
• Pain in the ankle area
• In pain from rheumatoid or other arthritis
• Pain during sports, discomfort and easy fatigue during transitions and physical exertion

Silicone insoles are made of high quality silicone elastomer. Great softness and elasticity is achieved without crushing and deformation. High elasticity absorbs walking vibrations that cause fatigue and pain in the feet. Moderate correction of the transverse and longitudinal arch, of the nerves and muscles that are pressed in the presence of a flat foot or with greater loads.

The insoles can be washed with any household detergent.

Our standard insoles can be used with different shoes, but they will be the most comfortable when worn with a closed shoe with a flat sole. Except for products made for women's high heels.

No, if the shoes are tight the original insole can be removed.

You can find a description of the cleaning methods on the packaging of your insoles.