3/4 Compression socks for travel Albert Andrè + Coimbra Prestige Insoles

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•  Albert Andrè – Compression socks for travel Unisex (Pair) + Coimbra Prestige Insoles
•  Compression socks are not subject to return or exchange, due to hygiene reasons
•  Suitable for men and women

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The set is suitable for people who spend a long time sitting or standing, often travel or suffer from ankle swelling.

Compression 3/4 Travel Socks – Albert Andrè Unisex (Pair)

• Compression stockings for travel are an affordable way to prevent varicose veins and embolism in people who travel frequently by plane, car and other
• Reduce the tension and swelling in the ankles when sitting for a long time and provide a light massage, comfortable on the skin
• Provide mild compression of 18-28 mmHg (higher at the ankle and decreasing towards the calf)
• Available in black, size 3/4
• Composition: 75% polyamide, 25% elastane
• Suitable for men and women
• Made in Italy
Compression socks cannot be returned or exchanged, due to hygiene reasons

Coimbra Prestige Insoles

• Anatomical insoles with moderate correction for longitudinal and transverse arch
• Neutralize odors, recommended for straining due to long sitting or walking
• Evenly distributes the weight of the body and is suitable for everyday
• Leather cover, base with activated carbon

• Ulcers and sores
• Dermatitis
• Burns
• Allergies to used materials
• In all cases when your doctor doesn’t consider the product suitable to use