*Follow the color under each knee brace model

Наколенка Комфорт | Ортотех Помощник


Наколенка Комфорт Плюс | Ортотех Помощник

Comfort Plus

Наколенка Стандарт | Ортотех Помощник

Standart / Push Care

Наколенка Стандарт Плюс | Ортотех Помощник

Standart plus

Наколенка Екстра | Ортотех Помощник

Extra / Push Med

Пателабрейс Комфорт | Ортотех Помощник

Patella Brace / Push

Pain due to a sport or physical activity
Mild inflammation of the cartilage / Pain in the following area
Feeling of instability in the knee
After muscle stretches in the area
The feeling of pain around the area or in patellar tendon
Pain due to dislocation of the patella
Pain in the lateral area of the knee
After knee joint surgery
Initial arthrosis
In pain associated with osteoarthritis (gonarthrosis)
Due to a stretching or a partial torn of the cruciate ligaments
In pain related to the torn or stretching of the cruciate ligaments
In pains due to a torn or partially torn meniscus
In pains related to a torn meniscus
Older patients having trouble to slip on the knee brace or people with a large difference in the circumference of their thigh and lower leg
Complaints related to Osgood-Schlatter disease
Suitable for sports activities
Suitable for men and women
Hole for the patella
Level of stabilization