Solidus Kerry Hazel Women’s orthopedic boots

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• Women’s orthopedic boots made of high quality leather, suede
• Available in width K, suitable for wider feet
• Removable insole made of cork and softening for the heel and toes (polyurethane foam). It can be replaced by an individual orthopedic insole
• Made in Germany
Free shipping and size replacement

How do I choose a size?

Place your feet on the ground and distribute your weight evenly on both feet. Measure the circumference of the foot (at the largest diameter) across the knuckle.

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Women’s orthopedic boots made of high quality leather, suede
• Anatomical, removable insole made of cork and polyurethane foam (softening for the heel and toes). It can be replaced by an individual orthopedic insole
• Excellent autumn shoe for ladies who are looking for a combination of elegance and comfort for the feet
• Comfortable and light sole with a heel height of 4 cm
• Made in brown color, equipped with elegant ties and a zipper for easy shoeing
• The inner part is covered with wool and cotton
• Women’s boots are available in width K, suitable for wider feet
• The model is also available in half size, which guarantees optimal fit to the foot
• Made in Germany

Solidus is a prestigious German brand that produces high quality orthopedic shoes. The main motto of the company is that the right size of shoes is crucial for the comfort of the feet. For this reason, they create a specialized production of orthopedic shoes with sizes in widths and half sizes. A special size chart will help you choose the most accurate shoe size for your foot.

Inner part: Wool insulation and 100% cotton cover
Outer part: Leather, suede
Insole: polyurethane foam and cork, wool coating
Sole: Thermoplastic rubber
Heel height: 4 cm

When ordering orthopedic shoes, you can take advantage of a free size change. In order to make the replacement, you must first notify us of your desire on tel .: +359 897 933 981. Valid for one-time replacement.

Тerms for replacement complaint and or return

Discount coupon when ordering Individual insoles | ОРТОТЕХ

Discount coupon when ordering Individual insoles | ORTHOTEH

• When ordering shoes online from our site you will receive a coupon for 10% discount for ordering individual orthopedic insoles, which you can use in the stores of Ortotech

* The coupon is valid for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase of the shoes
* The coupon is valid only in Ortotech stores

Yes, most shoes are designed with more interior space and have the ability to add an individual orthopedic insole.

Wearing this type of shoes is recommended for:

  • People who need everyday comfortable shoes;
  • People with wide legs, thick toes or overweight;
  • People who suffer from swelling and heaviness in the legs;
  • People who need orthopedic insoles and shoes in which to put individual insoles
  • Hallux Valgus and other deformities
  • Pregnant women;
  • People who work upright;
  • People with diabetes

Follow the foot measurement diagram attached to each shoe. It is recommended that the feet be measured in the evening after they have swollen to their final size. Measure both steps.

Yes, orthopedic shoes are suitable for people with wide feet. To make sure that they fit your feet, adhere to the specified sizes for each model.